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What is the Biblical Freedom web site all about?

The purpose of this site is to strengthen our relationships with God and others by providing fresh insights into what the entire Bible has to say about various subjects. In most cases, this is accomplished by means of the Every-Verse Method of Bible study (see description below).

This site contains studies (all of which are FREE to read)designed to challenge our thinking to some extent.  Many of these studies also cover issues that the Bible emphasizes but that most ministries fail to address. The intended benefit of these studies is to enhance our appreciation of Christianity and to better align our behavior with God’s will. To benefit from this site, it’s best to approach each study with the desire to learn something new and a willingness to rethink what you already believe.

What is the Every-Verse Method?

The Every-Verse Method examines every verse in the Bible that addresses a given issue. For example, if we want to know whether or not to consume alcohol (and how much may be consumed), we employ the Every-Verse Method by examining every Bible verse that reveals God’s will regarding alcohol.

Creationism, pride, spiritual arrogance, greed, homosexuality, fasting, and alcohol are just some of the topics explored in this manner.

Of course, in the analysis of each verse (and at the end of each study), I share my understanding of the Bible’s message, which you may or may not agree with. That’s okay. The probability of any one person agreeing with everything I say is near zero. The goal here is to challenge your thinking. If you learn something new in each study, my time and yours will prove to have been well spent.

Why is the Every-Verse Method better than merely being Bible-based?

Being Bible-based does not necessarily mean that we search the entire Bible to seek the truth. Instead, it often means that we focus on the verses we can use to support the beliefs we want to hold, and we ignore the verses that might lead us to change our minds if we were to seriously consider them.

Let’s face it - the Bible is a big book. If we search long enough, we are bound to find a verse that supports whatever we want to believe.

Since we Christians can be led astray by improper translation, inexact quotes, unoriginal verses, and an incomplete understanding of the context in which a solitary Bible verse was written, our only hope for a consistent and proper understanding of God’s will is to examine all verses addressing a given issue.

Acceptable uses for the studies on this site:

Not only are these studies and essays FREE to read, but readers are encouraged to download them, email them to friends (with permission, of course – no spamming!) and print them out for use in Bible studies and classrooms.

As copyrighted works, readers are forbidden to make changes to the wording of any documents on this site or sell them for profit. Plagiarism, of course, is also not permitted .

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