Where the Bible Contradicts Creationists:

How a literal reading of every creation verse refutes young earth geology, redefines the Adam & Eve story, and supports the science of evolution and an old universe.

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Are you a Christian whom young earth creationists have accused of not believing Word of God, because you think the universe is billions of years old? Do they go as far as to say you’re calling God a liar? Fortunately, freedom from their oppression is here!

Even the Bible Contradicts Creationists offers everything you’ll need to refute their young earth geology arguments and feel good about your faith. This book isn’t a science book. Rather, it examines every creation verse in the Bible and shows how a literal reading of each one shoots down the beliefs of young-earth creationism and better supports an old universe than it does a young one.

Unlike most creationism books, this one doesn’t make your head swim with detailed science, nor does it talk down to you with terminology that only a seminary professor would understand. This creationism book is for everybody! It’s easy to read, well-organized, and best of all, you’ll learn a lot.

Even the Bible Contradicts Creationism repeatedly demonstrates how traditional creationists do not take the Bible at its word; rather, they interpret the Bible through their religious tradition. This book separates their traditions from what the Bible literally says. As a result, you’ll read how the Bible refutes many of their beliefs regarding:

-the length and order of the days of creation

-the process by which God created the universe and its inhabitants

-the nature of the Garden of Eden

-the story of Adam & Eve

-the nature of life before the Fall of Man

-the purpose of the Tree of Life

-the impact of the Genesis flood

-the gift of the Sabbath Day

-the relationship between science and religion

What separates this book from other books that say the Bible can support an old universe is that Schaeffer examines every verse of the creation account, even New Testament verses that refer back to the creation process. Other books tend to pick out a passage here and there to support their points, but none are as biblically thorough as this one.

Schaeffer’s book is not a rehash of such old-earth theologies as the Day Age theory, the Framework Hypothesis, or the Gap theory. Instead, it offers fresh insight on the days of creation with unusual twists that you don’t expect, but will never forget. Once Schaeffer points out what the Scriptures really say, you’ll wonder how you could have missed their true meaning all along.

And, of course, once Schaeffer completes his analysis of the Bible, he wraps up the book by refuting deceptive traditional creationist arguments such as:

-The Genesis flood created all fossils and the rocks in which they are buried.

-Scientists are afraid creationism will destroy their careers.

-The movie, “Expelled,” proves there’s a conspiracy among scientists.

-Studying evolution will cause us to reject Christianity.

-Scientists discovered ______, which proves the universe is young.

-Short period comets would have burned out by now.

-If humans have been around for over 50,000 years, the earth would now have a much higher population.

- Starlight was created en route to earth.

- The speed of light was faster in the past.

- It’s wrong to challenge traditional beliefs.

No book will dramatically change your understanding of the creation account like Even the Bible Contradicts Creationists. Once you read it, you’ll never again feel guilty for believing in an old universe.

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