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Welcome to Setting Captives Free Publishing, where gospel freedom is our theme for each and every one of our Bible lessons, studies, books, and articles here for your spiritual journey.

Why “gospel freedom”?

Because we humans are weak in need of power (Romans 5:6), captives in need of freedom (John 8:32), hurting in need of healing (Isaiah 61:1), and thirsting in need of quenching (John 4:13). The gospel is the power of God (Romans 1:16-17), freedom by the Son of God (John 8:36), healing by the Word of God (Psalm 107:20), and quenching by the Spirit of God (1 Corinthians 12:13).

Our studies, books and Bible lessons will show you the way.

What Others Say About Our Bible Lessons, Books and Studies:

Diana, a recent graduate of one of our studies, wrote the following:

"The changes that the Lord has made in my life through the Setting Captives Free Depression course have been life-altering.

My husband wanted me to take this course for some time, but I was putting it off, thinking I had everything under control. Of course, I was wrong as I had been so often about my depression.

I was skeptical at first, but as I started going through the Bible essons, I noticed my heart changing. I was shedding tears daily as I learnfed how the cross and the Saviour could bring me joy, relief, and freedom from all I had been experiencing over the past 20 years.

I have not looked at the cross the same since beginning to see what Jesus did for me there. Jesus came to rescue the brokenhearted, set prisoners free from darkness, comfort those who mourn and give a garment of praise instead of despair. Isaiah 61:1-3 has been my daily remembrance and comfort. Thank you, Jesus, for loving me despite all my issues and the times I have not been faithful, and thank you, Setting Captives Free, for providing this course; it has changed my life!

In a Bible study, I attend, I was able to share with other women who have also been suffering from depression how looking to the cross and getting a clearer understanding of what was done for me there freed me from depression and allowed me to be at peace with God and myself. I can't share it enough!"


Joe writes,I tried everything humanly possible to be free. Shortlist: prayer, fasting, working out, Scripture memorization, cutting off internet, accountability, etc. Some of these methods helped for a while. I read books on addictions and the neuroscience behind them. I went 30 days, 60 days, and possibly even 90 days by sheer willpower and self-helps, and yet I fell again. Badly.

It wasn't until I read the Bible lessons in the Setting Captives Free Purity Boot Camp book that my faith perked up. God spoke to my heart, I believed, and my head knowledge of the Word of God became heart knowledge. I was set free! The self-helps and willpower were exchanged for the Spirit Helper and resurrection power.

Carol writes:  The principles taught in the Setting Captives Free Weight Loss course are greatly beneficial to my growth as a Christian, and I am desiring Jesus more than ever before and wanting to be changed into His likeness to glorify God now!  Praise Jesus!

I need Jesus daily to help me feast on His Bread that nourishes my soul with everlasting nourishment. Reading the Scriptures daily, I am led by the Holy Spirit to look at Jesus on the cross, dying in my stead, crucified in His sinless flesh for my sins. No longer am I under condemnation for any sins but am now seen as holy and righteous before God the Father as He sees Jesus now in me as I belong to Jesus!  Jesus paid my penalty to set me free from the bondage to my flesh. I am learning through feeding on Jesus to join in His suffering as I deny my flesh and its lusts for food (or anything of this world) to find joy in suffering with Jesus as I await true hunger pangs to eat. When I wait til hungry to eat, I can enjoy whatever God provides for me, giving Him thanks and praise and all of the glory!

I am being changed by the power of the Holy Spirit living in me to see the price that Jesus paid to purchase me for His own and how greatly He loves me, desiring me to be with Him for eternity!  He is preparing me for our wedding feast, and I am finding more hope and peace in Jesus, more rest for my weary soul and strength in Christ to overcome the temptations of my flesh and seeing more and more victories each day!

Food is not consuming my every thought as it used to do, and now Jesus is who I desire to feast upon, learn from, and draw nearer to each day!  I awaken with great joy to read the Word of God and to delight in His everlasting feast prepared for me. As I read each Scripture, I see everything is pointing to Jesus, to the cross, and I am humbled and led to repentance at times by the Holy Spirit.  I am being changed each day as I see my sins crucified with Jesus on the cross and want to please God now, to live to God and no longer as I used to be when I lived to my flesh!

Spiritually, I see a significant change in myself and am finding that food is no longer consuming or controlling my thoughts.  Now, I wait for actual hunger pangs and eat whatever God leads me to eat, which is helpful to me as I am diabetic and overweight.  I thoroughly enjoy what I eat and know that all things are permissible for me to eat, but not all things are helpful to me. The Holy Spirit of God is leading me, and my desire is to please God in all I do.  I am feeding on God's Word daily and looking to Jesus, seeing the cross and feeling the impact of what He did on the cross deeply in my heart, and my love for Jesus has grown tremendously throughout this course.

I find that I awaken and am joyful to get to the Bible lesson of the day, to read the Scriptures, and truly absorb what Jesus did on the cross because of His love for me and the world!  Jesus bore my sins, every one of them in His own sinless body, and was crucified along with every single sin to set me free now from the bondage to my flesh. Jesus has given me a new life to live to God, who now sees me as holy and righteous because He sees Jesus in me!  I am no longer under condemnation for my sins; I can never be accused again or tried for any sin because Jesus Christ bore my sins and suffered greatly in my stead. I now belong to Jesus, and have a new life, set free from sin's bondage and with hope for eternal life to come!

I am humbled by how greatly Jesus loves me and how He gave Himself on the cross for me to have this new life now!  I am overwhelmed with love for Jesus. I am learning to be joyful in my suffering as I deny my flesh daily, waiting for hunger pangs to eat and looking to Jesus for strength to overcome the cravings of my flesh when they occur. I am learning to be victorious over my fleshly lusts and rejoicing in Jesus who loves me so!

I also have lost weight by walking in the Spirit, Who leads me to look to Jesus and to feast on Him instead of feeding those cravings of my flesh as I used to do!  I am being changed day by day into the likeness of Christ and not desiring to please my flesh when it lusts for something as I once did. I don't want to go back to being a slave of my sinful flesh with food or anything else as I learned that these are temporary pleasures and are not going to give me more than momentary satisfaction.  I now know that even if I do fall to a temptation of the flesh, Jesus is there to pick me up; He loves me unconditionally! I want to please God now and not to indulge my flesh as I used to do! Jesus is more than enough for me! He provides strength, rest for my soul, everlasting nourishment, and comfort like no one or nothing else. He supplies my every need, and I am delighting in His Bread daily and feeling fulfilled as never before!  This spiritual journey has been incredible and will continue for the rest of my life on this earth until Jesus comes again to bring me home for eternity!

I have lost about 16 lbs during this course!  Thanks be to God! It is to His glory! I feel more energetic and am seeking greater change within me to turn from any hidden sins as revealed by the Holy Spirit that I may be an example for others.  I want others to see His light in me and desire to know Jesus and the power of His resurrection and to receive the gift of salvation and freedom from sin's bondage as we have been blessed by God's grace to receive!

Oh, we have hope for eternal life to come and I am praising Jesus daily and will seek more knowledge of God's truths each day as I continue to read the Word of God and look to the cross and Jesus and let His truths be embedded deeper into my heart and soul for eternity!  Praise God!

I also pray to be used as God so desires according to His perfect will for me and to please Him in what I say and do, not to be a hearer of the word only but a doer to the glory of God!  Thank You for this course and for sharing God's Word, His truth with me, and all who are blessed to journey through these lessons towards Jesus, who loves us so very much! Praise Jesus!

To anyone contemplating taking this course, I would say that it is highly beneficial to not only weight loss guidance but also to spiritual growth. Jesus Christ loves us and died for us to be set free from the bondage to our flesh, with food or any other so-called promised pleasures of the world.  Food for our physical body is a temporary satisfaction. Jesus is eternal satisfaction for our very souls! This course helps you grow closer to Jesus, and as a result of reading the Scriptures, we have weight loss and with great joy! Praise Jesus! Thank You, Lord, for this course and for drawing me closer to You, who loves me as I am. You are working in me to change me more and more into the likeness of Jesus!  This course is life-changing!

The True Way to Freedom

If you’ve tried the old addiction/recovery method, the world’s way using human wisdom and methods, but know that you need power, freedom, healing, and quenching, you’ve come to the right place. Here our Bible lessons focus on the new and living way (Hebrews 10:20).

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